Trees and Wreaths

Silvertip Branches Silver Tip

(Abies magnifica) is an evergreen tree that has smooth grey bark with resin blisters. The needles (leaves) are mostly silver in color and ½”to 1″ in length with acute upturned tips. These are high elevation trees, not normally grown this low. They are great for hanging large or heavy ornaments. They are also great for hiding presents due to the spacing between branch whorl.
White Fir White Fir

(Abies concolor) is an evergreen tree with golden–brown bark. The needles (leaves) are light green in color and 1″ to 2″ in length on gold colored branches. Similar to the Silver Tip and Noble Fir, however, the space between branch whorls is not as pronounced. Also great for hanging ornaments.
Douglas Fir Douglas Fir

(Pseudogsuga menziesii) is an evergreen tree with brown bark and flat green soft needles (leaves) that are linear and completely encircle the branches, giving it a cone shape after shearing. A California Native American myth explains that each three-ended bract is the tail and two tiny legs of a mouse that hid inside the scales of the tree’s cones during forest fires, and the tree was kind enough to be its enduring sanctuary
Sequoia Branches Sequoias

(Sequoiadendron) commonly called “coast redwood”, has fibrous, furrowed bark. The leaves are green, awl-shaped and arranged spirally on the shoots.

Noble Fir Noble Fir

(Abies procera) is an evergreen tree with smooth grey bark. The needles (leaves) are blue-green in color and ½” to 1″ in length with blunt upturned tips. Also great for hanging larger ornaments.

Insense Cedar Incense Cedar

Calocedrus) is a genus of three species of coniferous trees in the Cypress family and has overlapping scale leaves being in apparent whorls of four. Our Cedars are also sheared giving them the same cone shape as the Douglas Fir.

Hand Crafted Wreaths Evergreen Wreaths

Our wreaths are hand-made from silver tip boughs, cedar leaves, holly, and pine cones grown here on the farm. We keep them moist until sold, so they last well past Christmas.

Packaging is Available
If you would like your tree packaged for the ride home, we also offer packaging at a nominal fee.
Tree Packaging